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Italienisches Langschwert

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Italienisches Langschwert

The era of the long sword spanned almost three centuries (approximately 1350 to
1650). This, undoubtedly, was because it really worked! It featured a
distinctive cruciform hilt and a long, double edged blade and was equally adept
at opposing both light and heavily armoured foes. You see, its extra long blade
offered the reach and leverage for powerful stabbing, cutting and chopping
strokes while its long cross guard and heavy pommel were useful for hooking,
striking and smashing. When heavy plate armour was encountered, blows with the
edge were marginally effective and were often abandoned in favour of a
half-swording technique; where one hand grips the hilt and the other the
blade to better direct the point in powerful jabs, and to more accurately thrust
at the small gaps and joints present in a suit of armour.

The Cold Steel reconstruction of the swords is modelled on the Italian concept
of sword design, the blade and balance slightly favours thrusting attacks,
however, its cutting edges are astonishingly effective too and can deliver
some down right ferocious blows. Additionally, its simple cruciform hilt is
also all business with a long upturned cross guard, leather-over-wood grip,
and a counter balancing fish tail pommel. Fast as a frog's tongue the Italian
Sword is deadly in a fight and built like a tank.

Additionally available: Companion dagger for the Italian long sword:
Since Cold Steel's Italian Long Sword is light and well balanced enough to use
in one hand they offered a companion dagger to take the place of a shield,
targe, or buckler. Scaled down in size but almost identical in appearance, its
sharply tapered, double edged blade slightly favours attacks with the point
over the edge and is stiff and strong enough to parry any sword.
The dagger has got the item code: 0257889204

Sowohl Schwert als auch der Dolch werden mit einer passenden Lederscheide mit
Stahlbeschlägen geliefert.

Klingenlänge: ca. 90 cm
Gesamtlänge: ca. 114 cm
Grifflänge: ca. 24 cm
Klingenmaterial: 1055 Karbonstahl
Gewicht: ca. 1194 g
Inklusive einer lederumwickelten Holzscheide mit Stahlbeschlägen.

Die Abgabe dieser Waffe an Personen unter 18 Jahre ist nicht zulässig.

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